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I LOVE THIS SONG AND DANCE! Everytime I say “I’m through with Morning Musume, they pull me back in. This song is amazeballs and the dance is amazing. Some members have really improved. (There are some that are still struggling a bit), but overall the song and dance is incredible. Review after the jump

Ok, so this song is the definition of Badass. The song starts of sort dubsteppy, but it;s not super heavy. If I had to describe the mood of the song, hmmm, chill and cool. It’s still a lot of Riho, Reina, but others do get lines. Sayumi’s got her autotune kicking, and Masaki had quite a bit of lines. Riho and Reina also rap quite a bit. (The rap part is awesone.)

The dance itself looks hella complicated. I’ve been noticing that Zukki has been in the front/lead for a lot of their new songs. I am sooo happy about this because she’s one of my top favorite members. The girl can DANCE though. I started noticing it in the dance shot for the Manterou Show. IIkubo, surprising was also put in the front at some points, but that poor girl is having troubles. She sort of reminds me Konno Asami. They weren’t super good at anything, but Konno became an integral part of the group being the genius and whatnot. I hope that Iikubo can find her spot too. Reina is sort of lazy when she dances. Her movements just aren’t as crisp as the others. (Which is super bad since she’s sub-leader.)

Like I said before, the dance looks complicated and there’s many formation changes. There’s a cool V shape and a slanted line formation. There are some parts that are supposed to be robotic, but it’s a little sloppily done. Hopefully that gets worked about before performance time. The members seem to be split into two groups. One group usually does a move and then the second group mimics it. At time the dance seems really sloppy, but the girls look dead tired from the beginning. I guess that you have to work hard if you want the recognition.

There’s soo much stuff to love about this, so please check out the video.