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T-ara just posted a hand-written apology for all to see so netizens… STOP THIS SH*T NOW. I’m sick of people screaming at T-ara. These girls must have apologized 6000 times already, but when they do, netizens are like: “Oh, the company made them do it.” “It’s not heartfelt.” However, when T-ara says nothing about the scandal and tries to move on with their life: “Oh they should apologize.” “Why did they cover up everything.”

Let’s end it now. Translation after the jump

“We’ve written this after a lot of thought. The past month has felt much longer than our trainee days and the days we’ve promoted receiving our fans’ love. First of all, we sincerely apologize for causing concern and disappointing so many people. We feel that it was very foolish of us to not have resolved differences of opinion between the members and to have aired our personal issues in a public space. We’re reflecting deeply on our actions.”

“We sincerely apologize for acting thoughtlessly. We’ve been troubled every day by the thought that all of this could’ve been avoided if we had understood each other and compromised more and if we had acted more maturely. When we look back, we all worked hard together for the same dream and overcame obstacles, and it was really painful to see all the good times we’ve had together being cast in a negative light.”

“We also think that Hwayoung has been going through a very hard time after being misunderstood as [ostracized]. We were surprised by the outcome, which no one thought of or wanted, and we’re disappointed that we can’t all be together now. We only hope that Hwayoung will no longer face [hurtful things like this].”

The letter went on, “We apologize to everyone for causing concern with this recent issue and disappointing those who’ve loved our music. We feel that this hard time has been a lesson for us. We’re supposed to give people strength, and we’ve now learned how much responsibility is on our shoulders. We’ve also realized that we must act responsibly and seriously.”

“For our parents who live for us, for our fans who’ve continued to stay by our side, for the people who listen to our music… and for those who we’ve worried and disappointed, we’ll work harder to receive your forgiveness instead of being frustrated. We genuinely apologize. We also hope that you give your support and love to Hwayoung, who must be having a harder time than we are. We too will always support Hwayoung. From all of T-ara.”