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The controversy is still going for poor Nichkhun. Nichkhun will, once again, be edited out a variety show. This time the show is called “God of Victory” and there’s supposed to be a special where the members of 2pm compete against Shinhwa. In fact, 2pm’s comeback will be pushed back because of the bad vibe that’s still surrounding Nichkhun. I sort of feel like, how T-ara’s career is pretty much over, Nichkhun’s career is pretty much over. It makes me super sad because he’s my favorite 2pm member, but the public still has a bad image about him. I also heard that he’s being called in for more questioning regarding the accident, so I expect to hear more on this story soon.

English: nichkhun 2pm

English: nichkhun 2pm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope you make it through this, Nichkhun.