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So I was looking for news about the 11th generation audition finalist, and boy was I surprised to see that there’s already a scandal with one of the trainees. It all surrounds a 17 year old girl named Taniguchi Yuna. She tweeted about the auditions (No no #1) and then was posting about how she didn’t know if she even wanted to be a Momosu. (No No #2)

So apparently Taniguchi Yuna has made it to the final rounds of boot camp and tweeted that fact to the public, which is against Hello!Project rules. Not only that, she was crying because she didn’t know if she even wanted to be a member of Morning Musume.

I guess she is a fan of Johnny’s Boys and NMB48, and not so much of Morning Musume, so some of the replies were along the lines of “You won’t be happy as a Momosu, since you don’t like them.” “Try to audition for NMB48,” ect.

Fans alerted Tsunku of this, but Tsunku responded “Who?”

So I’m guessing, from Tsunku’s response, she was disqualified and there was this big cover up, like she never existed. If I was her and made it to the 3rd round of auditions, I would thank my lucky stars. She could’ve been an idol in Japan’s longest running girl group. I don’t know if she auditioned just for the lols, but if she she did, she just took this spot from a girl who really could’ve wanted to be a Momosu. (I’m also mad because she was one of the older girls, and Lord knows we need some older girls in Morning Musume right now.)