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So on the first day of AKB48’s Tokyo Dome concert, there has been a major shuffle. I mean MAJOR. The teams have been completely reassembled and some girls are even being shipped to other countries. I’ll post the new line-up after the jump as well as my opinion on this shuffle.

Ok boys and girls, here’s the new AKB roster:

Takahashi Minami: Team A captain→ AKB48 Groups’ General Manager

Shinoda Mariko: Team A→Team A Captain(Former Team A captain: Takahashi Minami)
Oshima Yuko: Team K→Team K Captain(Former Team K captain: Akimoto Sayaka)
Umeda Ayaka: Team K→Team B Captain(Former Team B captain: Kashiwagi Yuki)

Yokoyama Yui:  Team K→Team A& NMB48
Kitahara Rie:  Team B→Team K& SKE48
Ishida Anna:  SKE Team KII→SKE48& Team B
Ota Aika:  Team A→ HKT48
Miyazawa Sae: Team K→SNH48
Suzuki Mariya: Team B→SNH48
Takajo Aki: Team A→JKT48
Nakagawa Haruka:  Team A→JKT48

Iwata Karen:  Team 4→Team A
Abe Maria:  Team 4→Team K
Watanabe Mayu:  Team B→Team A
Kojima Haruna:  Team A→Team B
Mutou Tomu: Kenkyuusei→Team K
Oba Mina: Team 4→Team B
Akimoto Sayaka: Team K(No transfer)
Nakamata Shiori:  Team 4→Team A
Ichikawa Miori:  Team 4→Team B
Kasai Tomomi:  Team B→Team xA
Kato Rena:  Team 4→Team B
Matsui Jurina:  SKE48 Team S & Team K(No transfer)
Nakamura Mariko:  Team 4→Team B
Nakata Chisato:  Team A→Team K
Nito Moeno:  Team K→Team A
Oya Shizuka: Team A→Team B
Maeda Ami:  Team A→Team K
Tano Yuuka: Team 4→Team A
Itano Tomomi: Team K(No transfer)
Iwasa Misaki: Team A→Team B
Kobayashi Mirina:  Team A (promoted in June 2012)
Sato Amina:  Team B→Team K
Shimazaki Haruka: Team 4→Team B
Sato Sumire: Team B→Team A
Ishida Haruka: Team B(No transfer)
Matsui Sakiko: Team K→Team A
Kuramochi Asuka:  Team A→Team K
Katayama Haruka: Team A→Team B
Kotani Riho:  NMB48→NMB48 & Team A
Nakaya Sayaka:  Team A→Team K
Yamauchi Suzuran:  Team 4→Team B
Morikawa Ayaka:  Team A (promoted in June 2012)
Uchida Mayumi:  Team K(No transfer)
Fujie Reina:  Team K→Team B
Kawaei Rina:  Team 4→Team K
Izuta Rina:  Team A (promoted in June 2012)
Mitsumune Kaoru:  Kenkyuusei→Team K
Natori Wakana:  Team B (promoted in June 2012)
Tanabe Miku:  Team K→Team B
Sato Natsuki:  Team B→Team A
Iriyama Anna:  Team 4→Team A
Chikano Rina:  Team B→Team K
Kashiwagi Yuki: Team B(No transfer)
Nagao Mariya: Team 4→Team K
Takeuchi Miyu:  Team 4→Team B
Kikuchi Ayaka:  Team K→Team A
Suzuki Shihori:  Team B→Team K
Oshima Ryoka:  Kenkyuusei→Team A
Fujita Nana:  Team K (promoted in June 2012)
Kobayashi Kana: Team B→Team K
Minegishi Minami: Team K→Team B
Kojima Natsuki:  Team B (promoted in June 2012)
Nakatsuka Tomomi: Team K→Team A
Shimada Haruka:  Team 4→Team K
Watanabe Miyuki:  NMB48 & Team B  (No transfer)
Masuda Yuka: Team B→Team K
Takahashi Juri:  Team 4→Team A
Nonaka Misato: Team K→Team B
Miyazaki Miho:  Team B→Team K
Matsubara Natsumi:  Team A→Team K

Maeda Atsuko:  Team A→Graduating


Ok, I understand that when you sign a contract with a music company, some of your…. shall I say, “rights” are taken away. For example, the girls in Momosu had no say when it came to wearing goofy chicken costumes in PPU. A lot of the time, girls don’t have a say when they are put into sub-units with chicks they can’t stand. I guess it just comes with the territory.

HOWEVERI feel that if you’re shipping a girl to another country, the artist should have some say. Some of the AKB girls such as Ota Aika and Takajo Aki are basically forced to live and perform in a country that they have no language experience in. Like seriously WTF. This is more than just controlling an artists career, this is like controlling their whole entire life. I find it sickening. Especially since after the announcement tears were flowing by the bucket full and the 40,000 people in attendance were in complete utter shock. NO ONE wants this. I don’t even follow AKB48 hardcore, but I can understand people, and when not one person is smiling or happy or congratulatory, you know there’s a big problem. This shuffle is a little TOO much in my opinion. I’ll just stick with my failing Hello!Project.