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So earlier this week it was announced that Eunjung was leaving “We Got Married” and now it looks like she won’t also be acting in “Five Fingers”, a new drama in production in which Eunjung plays a character with a love of piano. Reports have surfaced that state Eunjung did not leave voluntarily which means something else obviously happened. I’ll post the actual reports after the jump.


An official statement from Core Contents Media said:

“We’re not sure why there are reports [that Eunjung voluntarily dropped out of the drama]. She had no intention of dropping out, and we don’t believe she has a reason to.”

“We’ve already received a portion of her appearance fee. She even practiced piano and her lines just yesterday… SBS hasn’t even sent in an [official report]. We’re currently figuring out what happened.”

An official from SBS’ drama department stated, “It’s true that we discussed Eunjung leaving the drama. We understand that it’s been agreed upon that she will drop out.”

Eunjung also had this to say:

“Last Sunday I participated in a test filming, and just yesterday I was practicing the script, so I couldn’t believe that I was leaving the drama so suddenly. I don’t think there’s anything I can do as of now. I’ll follow the decision of the broadcast station SBS and the drama staff.”

I don’t know what’s going on wit the girl, but it probably has something to do with the tarnished name of T-ara, unfortunately. I wonder if this group can ever be whole again, but only time will tell.