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So SM Entertainment just declared themselves a “virtual nation” and I think it’s pretty sweet. There’s going to be a ceremony and everything. Fans from over 30 countries will present the SM artists bouquets and at the end a flag for SMTOWN will be raised.

I think this is a sweet idea. Here’s an official statment from SM Entertainment: “The world fights through difficult times through music. Music has the power to genuinely move people. Although we speak different tongues, we come together through SM’s music. We decided to make a virtual nation called SMTOWN. We welcome all who were invited as the people of music nation SMTOWN.

I totally agree that music somewhat brings people from all cultures together. I can admit that my understanding of the Korean and Japanese culture was heavily influenced by music. I am music obsessed because I feel that it holds some kind of power over people. I can’t explain it, but do you know the feeling when your favorite song comes on and you can’t help but to sing or dance. Something just gets inside of you and moves you and I love that about music.

I think SMTOWN is really making history here and it’s no wonder why I love this company so much. Check out how cute the passports are.