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I’m not ashamed to say this. “I LOVE Babymetal.” It is the weirdest mash up of music ever. JPop meets metal meets a crap ton of other songs. Need I say enough. This group is a sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin and consists of Su-Metal (lead vocalist), Moa-Maetal (Screamer, dancer) and Yui-Metal (Screamer, dancer). I think everyone should give this band a shot. I review their latest tracks after the jump ^^

Uki Uki Midnight

I first heard this song today (for some odd reason) and I can say I love it. This song is a little different from their previous tracks because I would describe this more as Jpop meets Dubstep. I will admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the chorus of the song, but when the song went to full on dubstep, I was all over it. I think the only other time I’ve heard dubstep in J-Pop was Renai Hunter, but that was still more watered down than the breakdown in this song.

It’s a very short song, but I like it since it’s sweet and to the point. Like I said, every BabyMetal surprises the hell outta me because each song is sooo different.



Yes the title does have that many letters in it. (There’s probably more, but I cut it off there.) This is my FAVORITE BabyMetal song. It’s so ridiculous and fun and scary and twisted and…. I could go on forever describing this song, but this is the most “metal” song BabyMetal has made.The main vocals in this song are really good. I mean really good. I was skeptical of their other stuff since the music overpowered the vocals, so I wasn’t sure if Su-Metal had the ability to hold her own, but damn she sure does in this song.

There’s an actual PV of this song and it is super disturbing. Like Sadako, the chick from the ring is in this video. Yui-Metal and Moa-Metal are adorable and creepy at the same time. Just check it for yourself.