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Two more songs from Morning Musume’s new album have been released and I’m… disappointed. So yeah, I guess these two songs made me think which lead me to make a confession. A confession I hoped would never come.

Waratte YOU! 

Excruciating. Nothing great about this song. Moving on.

Dokkan Capriccio

For some reason this song reminds me of Ok! Yeah. It has that hyper techno feel to it. Out of the two, this is my favorite, but by no means is this a great song. I’m sort of over Morning Musume doing techno tracks. I can only stomach so much. Tsunku used to switch genre’s almpst every song for Momosu, but now we’re stuck on that techno BS. I’ve heard he’s feeling pressure from all the K-Pop that’s taking over Japan, but Morning Musume has been one of the top girl groups for a reason, so don’t destroy it’s core.


I’m sorry that these reviews were so lethargic-ish, but that’s how I feel listening to this crap. Honestly… this is hard to say since this group has been my favorite J-Pop group for a LONG time, I feel it may be time to move on and find a new fav J-Pop group. (Which means I’m probably not f**cking with Hello!Project anymore since Momosu was the only group I liked.)

I sort of came in during the Takahashi Ai, LinLin and JunJun era and they were making sort of dark songs about….life. It was amazing. They seemed like a cohesive unit back then and…. fresh. Kamei Eri was amazing. I didn’t mind Koharu, even though some really hated her. I loved LinLin’s voice, even though she didn’t get many lines. My all time favorite idol, Niigaki Risa was around with her Amazeballs voice and of course Takahashi Ai was the MVP. I wasn’t super afraid of the group’s future when Ai graduated. We were getting new girls and Gaki-san was still around. However after the auditions were over and the new girls were picked….I was shaking. The girls added weren’t that great, but Gaki-san was still hanging so I’d figure it’d be fine. Then shocker, Niigaki AND Mitsui were graduating at the same time. The only two girls in the group with real “teacher” skills. Teachers who could help these new girls not be “f**ck ups.” Oh and we get another new generation whose worse than the previous new girls. I honestly don’t know what Tsunku was thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the new girls. Ayumi, Eripon, Iikubo, etc. Most of them actually. However, they aren’t idol material….at all. That’s why Riho is pushed so goddamn much. Tsunku knows he f**cked up and now only has two decent singers. One he’s pushing to the brink however, since in most of the lives, Riho’s voice has been straining and cracking like fine China from the dollar store.

They’re just too young and childish for me now. (Sort of the reason I had a hard time getting into J-Pop in the first place.) Look at this picture compared to the one above. From being super sexy to wearing chick costumes smh.

The last old school Momosu’s left were my least favorite since they passed auditions and I know they aren’t helping the girls. One so narcissitic it sickening and the other a lone wolf. I’ll hold on until the 11th generation audition, but if they don’t get older, more responsible chicks in the group, I’m peacing out…for good.