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So Soyeon was travelling to a shoot for her current drama and was involved in a car accident. Apparently the car hit the guard rail and flipped over. Soyeon and the stylists that were in the car with her were immediately sent to the hospital. She doesn’t seem to have any huge injuries, but she’s resting for a bit.

Ok, I’m really pissed at most netizens right now. This article came out and people were like “That’s what she gets.” “How does it feel now that you’re injured.” Okay, let me tell you something, she was in a effing accident where the car was FLIPPPED upside down. I don’t give a s**t about this stupid drama between the group, but a girl could’ve DIED. Yeah she seems to not have any huge injuries on first inspection, but let me tell you, I was in a car accident and walked away with no “huge injuries” at the scene just to find out when I actually had a huge concussion. Like you can’t judge some internal injuries at a glance. Netizens need to become human beings for once and see that there is something more to life than their precious f**king idols. It’s sickening.