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Ok, so I finished the series Dream High and man did I like this series. I had my reservations at first as you can see in my first post about this, but the show really did develop into something amazing. I will try to make this post with as little spoilers as possible.

Dream High

Ok, so in the beginning I really hated the two main female characters with a passion, but in the end I adored them. This series had so much character growth, so much that I’m surprised that the series is only 16 episodes.

I was actually a little sad in the end for Song Sam Dong. That’s as far as I’m going with that though. Actually I was sort of sad for everyone. Let’s just say, I dreamed a little too high when it came to their futures.

Professor Shi Kyung-jin was like one of the stand out characters in the end. She had a very intense personality in the beginning, but she really showed her cute personality in the end. I felt at times she was even more helpful than Kang Oh-hyuk when dealing with the kids.

Go Hye-mi and Yoon Baek-hee also flourished in the end. Like I said, I really started rooting for those girls in the end. The two go through some intense things, (Some things that no one should have to go through.) and come out quite magnificently.

The only thing that I’m still unclear about is what ever happened to the old director? He was in the first couple of episodes, judging the students, giving out good luck charms, but then disappeared. I was sure that he would come back at the end to congratulate the group, but he never did. Oh well.

Sorry this wasn’t super descriptive, but I feel like everyone should watch this for themselves. It’s a really good show. It may be hard to make it through the first couple of episodes, but stick with it. (And try not to get distracted by all the “cold breath” and red noses. They were obviously filming in some cold a** weather.)