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A snippet of one of the singles from Morning Musume’s new album was uploaded yesterday. It’s actually the girl’s dance practice, and let me say, I was very impressed.

First off, you don’t know how happy I was that Sayumi was given the start position in the beginning of the song. I feel like she’s always put in the back, even though she’s leader. I mean, I know that she’s not the strongest dancer, but there’s like something about her in concerts where I’m like,”Damn this girl is good.” I feel like even her singing has improved to the point it’s not aggravating. During the Ultra Smart concert, her and Tanaka did Ayaya’s song, “Goodbye Natsuo” and by the end of the song, Tanaka was sounding like an abused cat, but Sayumi was hanging nicely. She deserves more spotlight and with that being said, she starts the song off nicely and I’m very surprised out how accurate and in synch everyone was at the beginning.

Iikubo is still a little….shaky, but she was hanging. Ayumi is like the definition of a dancing machine. My God, I couldn’t stop watching that girl. People always pit Ayumi against Riho, but I think Ayumi is sooo much better. She even got some lines in this song, which made me sooo relieved. There’s only so much Tanaka and Riho I can handle. Truthfully, I’m not the biggest fans of their voices, so I really wanted someone else to sing for once.

The song itself is really nice and relaxing. I’m not going to lie, when I first heard the synth trumpets, I was thinking that this song was going to be a major let down, but it seriously wasn’t. I really like the pseudo-talking stuff in the beginning. I have no idea why, because that stuff usually turns me off. I also like the little break down parts before Riho and Tanaka’s rap. Talking about the rap, I really like Tanaka’s bit, Riho’s….not so much but hey, it’s better than her singing. The chorus is a little bland for my tastes, but it’s really catchy and does the job. What do you guys think of the song.