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Some rumors have been swirling around the internet that former Morning Musume artist, Goto Maki, will be in the adult film industry. I sincerely hope it’s not true but…

Alright, Goto Maki was like the ace of Morning Musume. (In my opinion, anyway.) She has a great voice and can dance for days. It was no surprise that she went on to have a solo career after graduating from Momosu. However, her new solo self was very….suggestive. Little to no clothing, very promiscuous songs, etc. Well, she was voted most sexiest in Momosu, but this was way more…intense.

So when I heard this rumor that Goto was going to be an AV model, I wasn’t as shocked like I think most people are. She’s always been super sexy. One thing that I will say is that I’ll be very disappointed if the rumors are true. I read some blogs and articles about this where the authors were like “It’s her life. I’ll support her if necessary. Plus she can still have a career in singing even if she is an AV model.” I don’t agree with any of these statements. I am NOT going to support an adult film personality. She’s an idol and probably one of the more famous Momosu’s and I feel that she should set herself to a higher standard. Also I pretty sure that if she starts this AV career, there will be no singing career for her. Yeah there’s the Ebisu Muscats group which is made up of AV girls, but they’re like a gimick group and they’re not good or popular.

In the end, this is still a rumor, but quite a scary one. I don’t want to see any Morning Musume member, current or former, taking this route. It’s honestly career suicide and Goto is waaaay better than this.