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So the CEO of CCM decided to meet with T-Jinyo to discuss the crap that T-ara’s been going through with T-Jinyo, and guess what, they declined the offer.

I seriously can’t believe it. They’re the group that wanted answers and here comes the man that can give them, yet they decline the meeting. I sort of feel like T-Jinyo is a bully group who just likes to get people riled up.

T-Jinyo’s official statement:

“After speaking with the organizer of this meeting, we’ve decided that we will not meet with CCM. We feel that it would be faster to get the truth from the T-ara members themselves rather than Kim Kwang Soo.” If the representatives of T-Jinyo and Kim Kwang Soo were to meet, it would be an open meeting that is made public. T-Jinyo is not a simple anti-fan cafe, so we will not be appearing as a whole. Please send any questions concerning the protest to ‘Sajungyeon’ (social union) rather than to T-Jinyo. T-Jinyo is a cafe for public indignation, while Sajungyeon is a cafe for people who would like to take action.”

They’re honestly not making the situation any better and I wish that they would just stop.