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Yesterday I started to watch Dream High. For all of you who don’t know, it’s a K-drama that focuses on various students at a prestigious musical school and each characters struggle to fame. I was already suckered in from the synopsis because I love all shows that focus on school and music. (Except high school musical. blaghhh)

My favorite characters so far are: Song Sam-dong played Kim Soo-hyun. Kim Soo-hyun is super cute and innocent in this role and I love it. (His face kinda reminds me of a lion, but that’s beyond the point.) My second favorite character is Shi Kyung-jin played by Lee Yoon-ji. She’s like a super badass with amazing hair and she honestly reminds me of my dance teacher.

Surprisingly, I’m having problems liking the two main female characters: Go Hye-mi played by Suzy from Miss A and Yoon Baek-hee played by Eunjung from T-ara. (Surprise surprise.) Funny story about Eunjung, in the beginning of the series she had long hair and I didn’t recognize her, but as soon as she cut it, I was like “Oh hi there Eunjung. You been under there all along.”But I digress, the two girls are fine in doses, but they become really nauseating in large quantites. They’re super bitchy, especially Go Hye Mi, and after a while, you just want to scream “Alright already. You’re super moody, we get it. Now sit in that corner over there!” At least the male characters have their stuff together. (And are super hot)

There hasn’t been actual school stuff yet. I hope there are like talent shows, midterm exams that focus on singing and dancing and other things of that nature. I like this series and maybe I’ll write some more of my thoughts as I get further into the series. Has anyone else watched this? If so, how did you like it?