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This is the mini album pf the newly debuted group VIXX. The album basically comes with 3 songs; Their debut song, Super Hero, their second song Starlight and and an instrumental version of Super Hero. I will have to say I’m usually skeptical of debuting groups, (thinks of the Tahiti fiasco) but this group has it stuff together and actually has good songs.

Super Hero

One word to describe this song is relaxing. The actual instrumental to this song is very laid back, as well as the chorus and backing vocals. I really like this since most Kpop groups now a days try to constantly deliver over the top performances, but this song is like the opposite.

The chorus is definitely catchy. I think they’re saying “I feel fantastic,” but I’m not sure. Whatever there saying sounds good to my ears and I find myself humming along to the melody. This song is more on the repetitive side, but it honestly isn’t a bad thing in this case. If it’s good, keep doing it. I really like N’s vocals. It’s strong, but not too powerful and he has a great tone to his voice. (Plus he’s freaking adorbs.)

The only thing I didn’t like, per say is Ravi and his raps. He definitely is my least favorite performer of the group. I’m not sure if rapping is his calling in life. The opening rap in this song was….interesting.


I didn’t get the beat at first, and found myself listening super hard to catch the rhythm. However once the song reaches its chorus, it’s a lot easier to follow. For some reason, I feel like I’ve heard this song before. It sounds really familiar, but I’m not sure where I heard it from. This song also has a somewhat laid back feeling to it, which I love. I guess this is what this groups sound will be like.

I honestly feel that Super Hero is a better song, but this ones not too bad, I’ve heard worse. It sort of feels like this song was made in the 90s and then magically transported it’s way to 2012. Does anyone else feel that way.

Once again Ravi’s rap annoys me, but at least the song isn’t opening with it. I see you Ravi with all that Taetiseo stuff lol.

Overall, they really sound good for a band that’s just debuting. I even saw their debut performance of Super Hero and it was amazing. They looked like veterans. They didn’t run out of stamina and danced crisply. I was very surprised because that’s not usually what happens on debut performances. I feel like this group has a good chance at being successful. Except for Ravi (who can always improve) the group seems solid. They’ll definitely go far.

I give this mini album a 4/5

Now let’s watch N do his outro dance.