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It’s official. Hwayoung’s contract with CCM has been “voided effective immediately with no conditions.” The company says that the termination has nothing to do with the twitter beef that’s been going on. It does, however, have to do with complaints from the staff that works with Hwayoung. It seems that this mess has finally reached it’s conclusion and sadly a member has been kicked out of T-ara.

Official CCM Report:

“We wish to impress upon the fact that this has nothing to do with the ‘bullying’ reports surrounding T-ara,” “Although the staff of Core Contents Media stayed up into early morning discussing with the T-ara members who all wanted to stay with Hwayoung, we apologize in saying that we could not forsake the arguments of the staff members.”

“We deeply apologize for the many incidents which made everyone who loved T-ara nervous and worried, and we have nothing but sadness to convey such an unsettling incident on their third anniversary. We also apologize again to the T-ara members and wish Hwayoung all the best as a powerful rapper,” “Since Hwayoung has great potential as a rapper we decided to end her contract without conditions and we believe that she will grow into the future as a free artist.”

What are your thoughts on this. I’m just shocked truthfully, especially since it looked as if she was the one being bullied. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.