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This is currently the #1 on the Kpop charts and for a very good reason, IT’S AMAZING. I honestly never followed Psy until this single, but man this song turned me into a follower.

There is no ounce of seriousness in this song. If I had to compare it to a US band, it greatly resembles LMFAO in style. (Except it’s actually good.) It’s just a fun time with no cares.

The verses consists of a driving techno beat in which Psy raps over it. The bridge is sort of a break down where Psy sings and the sons sort of slows down it’s pace. Onwards from that, the best part of the song comes, the chorus “Oppa Gangnam Style. Ayyy Sexy Ladies.”

It’s hard to describe this song in words, and there are probably no words which does this song justice. So please listen to the song for yourselves. I’ll post the Music Video below.

The MV itself is just chaos. It’s just scenes of pure randomness. There are many celebrity cameos in the music video including Hyuna and Yoo Jae Suk. I guess I’ll just write about my favorite parts of the music video.

First, I love the scene in the elevator. It’s so ridiculous. A guy i standing over Psy, humping the air. (It sounds gross, but it is so funny.)

I also love the beginning scene where Psy is walking with two women and garbage is being blown in their face. The poor girl on the right is having a hard time lol.

Also in the beginning, Psy is walking through a horse stable and one the horses starts to dance. It’s soo cute.

There’s a scene where Psy is relaxing on the beach and this little kid is dancing like his life depended on it. He’s like a little Michael Jackson.

There’s also a scene where Psy is breaking it down on a tour bus full of old ladies, as well as at the amusement park. LOL

He randomly meets Yoo Jae Suk and an epic dance battle begins.

Psy also meets Hyuna dancing around a subway train. (Random right.) She doesn’t really have eyebrows and I’m not sure if it was on purpose to fit the ridiculous video, or if it was a stylist things.

The best thing about this song was the dance. It was the like the cherry on top of a great dessert.

All in all, I give Gangnam Style a 5/5

I’m sorry that this post was so picture heavy, but it really is hard to describe this MV without them. Please check out the video and comment on your thoughts of the video.