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There seems to be some controversy surrounding T-ara. T-ara member Hwayoung recently hurt her leg and was unable to participate fully in their concert at the Budokan Theater in Japan. Hwayoung did the opening MC with the rest of the group, but from then, she did not participate. Apparently after the concert, the other T-ara members sent out tweets supposedly criticizing Hwayoung.

Hyomin: It’s a difference between levels of dedication ^^ Let’s all be dedicated and hwaiting!!!!!!

Soyeon: It’s a difference in Dedication + Manners + Selflessness. Let’s be strong again today.

Jiyeon: Difference between levels of dedication ^^ Having manners ^^ Always staying polite^^ I applaud you, acting genius^^

Boram: Clapping… clapclapclap!!

Eunjung: Just like a position can make a person, dedication can make a person too… sigh… such a pity. You should know look after the people around you.

Many fans have taken these tweets to be a diss against Hwayoung. It looks like the other members of T-ara are saying that Hwayoung lacks dedication because she did not perform with them on stage. Many people also took Jiyeon’s post about the “acting genius” as describing Hwayoung as an actress, basically faking how badly she is injured. Also Boram claps as if she’s at the end of a performance.

People close to Hwayoung also spoke out on twitter.

Tarae (Hwayoung’s rap coach): I know all empty-headed bitches act the same way but I wonder if there’s anything that could go beyond imagination like this. They think they made it… they’ve forgotten when they used to be nobodies, right??

Hyoyoung (Hwayoung’s twin sister): What’s the use in having a pretty face. You should be pretty inside. Shouldn’t a hurt person be treated like a person too? I really want to cry. I’ll just train..

I’m not sure what exactly is going on within the group, but let’s hope it works itself out. This should be a great time for T-ara, performing in Japan, but this is definitely putting a damper on it.