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Well Reina is now rocking a bob cut which I greatly approve of. It makes her look more youthful and fresh. I know that many fans are jumping for joy since most people have complained of her stale big bow and side ponytail. I’m also sick of the glitter streaks in her hair during concerts but that’s for another story.

Rumors are swirling that the new change is to prepare for the band that she is creating. I saw a picture of her with a guitar and every bone in my body shouted that she most definitely can’t play an instrument, so I’m thinking that she’ll just be main vocals. (As usual ho hum.) Auditions are currently being held for a guitarist and a vocalist. I’m not sure if it’s open to international auditions (I wish it were) but I’m sort of looking forward to the new band.

I also have this feeling that Reina may be graduating soon and this may be Tsunku’s way of holding on to his beloved money making machine, but hey, who knows.