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Nichkhun from the boy band 2pm was involved in a car accident on July 24th, hitting a motorcyclist on his way back to his dorm. Apparently he was coming from a company event and had been drinking. It was reported that he had a couple of beers and friends thought he seemed sober enough to drive home.

English: nichkhun 2pm

English: nichkhun 2pm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although the accident wasn’t too severe, (Thank God) the motorcyclist complained of a backache and shoulder ache and was reportedly bleeding from the head at the scene. Because of the accident, Nichkhun has had his license suspended.

What I didn’t understand about the whole situation was that Nichkhun’s dorms and the place the event was taking place at were literally down the street from one another. Walking to and from his destination would have probably been the best option, especially how things eventually turned out.

It seems that many netizens are upset with Nichkhun and the web is filled with many harsh critics. Due to this many people believe that the tweet Jay Park sent out a tweet is related to Nichkhun’s accident.

The tweet is very vague so I wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but there’s a good chance that it is related to the accident. I hope Nichkhun has learned his lesson and won’t ever drink and drive again. He’s too cute to be in trouble lol.

English: Nichkhun on stage at press conf. of W...

English: Nichkhun on stage at press conf. of Wonder Girls The First Wonder Live In Bangkok. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)