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I just watched the flash mob version of Berry Koubou’s latest single, “Cha cha sing” and it was amazing. I’m not sure where the flash mob was filmed but it seemed like it was in a mall. (There’s a person in the beginning of the video that looks like Takahashi Ai, but I think that it’s just a coincidence.)

I want to do a little review of the song itself first. This is probably one of Berryz Koubou’s most catchiest and memorable songs. It’s a cover of the song “Row Mah Sing” by Bird, and when I first heard that fact, I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure how the single would translate, but damn, it does well. It’s a song that will definitely translate well in concert. There’s a lot of echo and response action in this song which is super catchy and it works especially well in the flash mob. Compared to the original song by Bird, this version has a lot more energy and Berryz’s vocals fit perfectly in the song. I especially love Momo’s voice in this song which is surprising since Momo usually bugs the heck out of me.

Now on to the music video. This is not the official MV, but it sure should have been. This video could be described as one word: fun. It’s not super glamorous, there’s no glitter effect. It’s just some good old fashion dancing.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the mob was that it was a little to big for my taste. I couldn’t see a lot the crowds reactions due to the size of the mob. I mean if I was there and Berryz Koubou started dancing, I would have a stroke lol. Chinami’s thrusting is super epic. (The head tilt makes it.)

All in all this MV is super fun and the song is great too. I think Tsunku did a great job with this release even though I would’ve liked for this to be the official MV.