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So it’s time for a little music review. I just heard Wonder Girls “Love Me Like Money” ft Akon, and while at first I was concerned with the prescence of Akon, I actually enjoyed this track. Now I like to review the track as well as discuss how well the track would do if on American radio. So let’s go!Image

Now like I said before, I was a little skeptical about this track simply because of Akon. I live in New York and God knows that I’ve had enough Akon for a lifetime. I’ve never liked Akon except for that track he did with Gwen Stefani, so yeah I was not looking froward to this. In the beginning of the MV, there’s an awesome sequence where the Wonder Girls are being built… for destruction. (Weird right)


So the song started off with this generic techno-pop song and I was like “Alright girl, strap yourself in ‘cuz this is about to be a rough ride.” However, when the chorus started, it was actually quite nice. It’s a very simple chorus and while a little bland, sticks with you. By the time, the chorus is sung the second time around, I already knew the melody and most of the words. This song is like the text-book definition of pop; effortlessly catchy. (And they looked hella fierce)


Now the part I was dreading the most came….Akon. So he’s doing some little rap in his high-pitched autotuned voice, which wasn’t as annoying as it usually was. Then he starts singing the chorus, which was somewhat weird, but it sounded pretty nice, but then the best part in the whole ENTIRE song came up. Yubin starts rapping and and I went crazy.


Akon then starts interjecting his own rap inbetween Yubin’s and the chorus, and this amazingly euphoric sound is created. I mean this part is so good. This song is going on the ipod just for that part lol.

So overall, the overall sound is pretty generic such as the chorus and opening beat. There are some traces of amazingness sprinkled about here and there. (Yubin made this song, yall) The song is very, very catchy. If you can speak English, this song will haunt you in your sleep. You’ll be singing it everywhere, I guarantee it. So, coming down to it, I’ll give this song a 4/5.

Now how would this song due on American radio. I honestly feel like this song would do fairly well. First of all, it’s sung in English, so there’s no major communication barriers. (except for the occasional Engrish) The beat is very consistent with the stuff that’s on the radio today. Apparently America loves their techno-pop. I even saw that Billboard top 100 did an article on this single, so yeah, this single definitely has American Appeal. Hopefully Wonder Girls will have their American Invasion that they’ve been working so hard for.