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Genkimono de Ikō!

Genkimono de Ikō! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Mano Erina is graduating. How do you feel about it? Well here’s my thoughts…

It was recently announced that Mano Erina will be the next person to graduate from H!P in February. I came across a documentary about her in my early days of H!P fandom, and the English nararrator (Yeah that’s right) was talking about how she was the best idol. She was beautiful, talented, could play piano, etc. Basically she was perfect, which I was immediately turned off by. I started liking Jpop idols because they were normal girls who got a once in a lifetime opportunity. They could be a little eccentric (like myself lol), have crooked teeth, or whatever, but those oddities became little charm points. Being subjected to Hollywood, land of fakeness and plastic Barbie Dolls, this was a breathe of fresh air. However, according to this documentary, Mano was perfect which made me think of generic Hollywood. So yeah, I was originally not a fan of Mano Erina. So obviously, I never followed her music until recently with SONG FOR THE DATE.

It was a nice song, not something that I’d thrown on the ol’ ipod, but hey, people freaking love this song. The only concert I’ve ever seen her perform in was FUNKY CHAN and ROCK CHAN and she had a great voice. She had great air control (which can be a thing of issue with H!P. You’ll get there Suzuki Kannon!) and great tonal quality, but the songs themselves were passive and a little on the boring side. However I do see the appeal she has and why so many fans like her. She is a very likable person and I found myself putting my foot in my mouth for my original thoughts about her. I honestly wish that I followed her career more closely now, but at least I got to see it till the end.

It looks as if Mano will look towards acting which many H!P members do and I’m sure that she will have a successful career. But before the waterworks start she still has some time left before her graduation. So let’s support Mano until the end.