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I absolutely LOVE Gaki No Tsukai. Many people are going to be thinking “What the hell is that?”, but I can assure you that you’ve seen bits and pieces of this show. If you watch MTV, there’s a show called Silent Library, which is based off a segment of this show. Also, if you’re a youtube geek like me, you’ve probably come across a video where an asian man tries to count or read in English. Yeah, that’s Jimmy Onishi who is a recurring goofball in Gaki no Tsukai, especially in the Batsu games. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain what that is.)

Before I get rolling, let me explain Gaki no Tsukai. Gaki no Tsuakai was founded by Downtown, who is a comedy duo consisting of Mastsumoto Hotoshi, and Hamada Masatoshi. I discovered Gaki No Tsukai two summer’s ago and have never looked back. The show consists of many segments, such as Silent Library and Absolutely Tasty Series, but by far, their  most popular segment is the Batsu games, or punishment games. In the past, the cast of Gaki no Tsukai, would compete in challenges and the losers would be sent to the Batsu game. Recently, however, all members have taken part in the Batsu game. There are various punishment games, but the most popular is the No Laughing Batsu Game. Cast members must not laugh, or else, receive a brutal whipping. It sounds intense, but believe me, it’s immensely entertaining.

The cast

Matsumoto is the funniest person ever. His laugh is infectious and it usually causes others to laugh.

Hamada is known as the one to fear. He slaps the other casts members around and caused them much pain during the No Laughing High School Batsu Game.

Always gets slapped around (literally) and is known as the “unfunny one.” He sure cracks me up though with his facial expressions.

Known as the good looking one. It seems that Jimmy Onishi is his weakness. He sure is hot….

Last but not least, Tanaka. He’s so timid and cute, I can’t handle it. He’s so softspoken, that sometimes I don’t know how he handles the other unruly cast mates.

On New Years Eve, they recently had their Batsu special, and this years theme was Spy School. I can not understand Japanese, so I’m waiting for Shibatabread (He’s freaking amazing) and his team to sub the 5 hour special. I am so excited for it. If you have never seen one of these specials, I encourage you to visit Shibata’s blog. (I will post the link below.)

I’ve made a list of my favorite bits that I hope are in the Spy one:

No screaming: I love, especially the hotel one, the no screaming bits, where basically the crew is scared senseless. I especially love how Tanaka always freaks out and ends up on the floor.

Jimmy: His bits are always so funny. He acts so stupid, especially in the English one, and it kills me.

Chiaki: It’s borderline mean now when she shows up, considering that she and Endo are now divorced, but Endo’s expressions are priceless.

Chono Slap: Comedy gold. Yamasaki pleading for his life=funny. Please watch the hospital Batsu Game, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I’m sorry if this post went over some peoples’ heads, but definently check this out. I promise with all my heart, that you will be laughing with tears in your eyes. If you go to the link: http://www.shibatabread.com/ , you can find the Hospital Batsu game, the Policeman Bastsu game and the Hotel Batsu game. Let me know how you like these videos, and I’ll see you later.

Alright peace~